If you prefer to donate by check, please make checks payable to Pivot and mail to:

Pivot, Inc.
201 NE 50th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105-1811

We also accept donations of gently used, youth-appropriate clothing.
At this time, we CANNOT accept used houshold items.

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Unique benefits to donors in 2020 under the CARES Act:

Thanks to recently passed legislation, additional tax deductions are now available to supporters of Pivot. Taxpayers who do not itemize may deduct charitable gifts up to $300 made in 2020 (same amount for individuals and joint filers). This one-time opportunity benefits YOU, the taxpayer, and Pivot!

Another opportunity available to donors in 2020 is the temporary elimination of the cap on annual charitable giving. Usually, individuals can only deduct donations up to 60% of their AGI (adjusted gross income). This year, however, you can deduct donations to public charities up to 100% of your AGI. For corporations, their limit has been raised in 2020 to 25% of their taxable income rather than the normal 10%.

Also, the requirement to take an RMD (required minimum distribution) this year from your IRA was waived. Many of you may have used your RMD to make your charitable gifts (the charitable IRA rollover or Qualified Charitable Distribution) because of the excellent tax benefits. You can still give to Pivot that way and receive the favorable tax treatment, but you are just not required to take the RMD.

For details about your particular circumstance, please contact your tax advisor or call 405-235-7537 with questions.

Alone. Scared. Homeless. Lost. Ignored.

These words should never describe any young person. But they do.

More than 2,000 teenagers will turn to us for help this year. More and more teens are dealing with homelessness, abuse, serious conflicts at home, substance abuse and mental illness.
These young people are the future of our community. Together, we can ensure it is an empowered future.

Hope. Purpose. Security. Future.

These are the gifts you give when you support Pivot.

Your donation is the driving force behind our work – it’s a reminder to struggling youth they have not been forgotten and someone cares.

You can give confidently to Pivot, knowing your donation is making a difference right here in our community. Because we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your gift is tax deductible. And because we’re a partner agency of the United Way of Central Oklahoma, you can give with trust knowing the United Way partners with the best of the best.

Donor Privacy Policy

Pivot, Inc. takes every possible measure to ensure that your information is not compromised in any way. All information about donors and prospective donors, including but not limited to their names, names of their beneficiaries, nature and amounts of their gifts and sizes of their estates will be kept strictly confidential unless the donor grants permission to release such information. All requests by donors for anonymity will be honored, except to the extent that Pivot is legally required to disclose the identity of donors.

Please contact us at 405-235-7537 if you would like to review and/or change your information on file at Pivot, Inc.